Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2017

The No Matter What Collection by Cadillacquer

Press Sample*

It's time for a new collection by Cadillacquer :D The No Matter What Collection consists of eleven amazing polishes with jelliy-, crelly and multichrome holographic finishes. I don't know an exact date yet, but they will be available very soon at and later in January at :)

Let's start with the swatches!
(I'm wearing two coats with a glossy top coat on each swatch.)

Neutrino, a coral jelly with neon blue, light blue and dark blue glitter.

Myon, a reddish brown/copper multichrome holographic changing from green to purple/pink/red.

Boson, a dark burgundy jelly, with small dark burgundy and iridescent glitter.

Photon, a pink multichrome holographic changing to green and gold.

Tauon, a silver/blue multichrome holographic changing to green, purple, pink and red.

Fermion, a light lavender holographic packed with different sizes of silver glitter, very small black glitter and copper shimmer.

Electron, a bright violet crelly with two sizes of orange metallic glitter.

Graviton, a blue multichrome holographic changing to purple and some greenish blue.

Baryon, a dark green leaning blue jelly packed with different sizes of gold flakes and scattered holo.

Positron, a light blue crelly with hexagon and square emerald green metallic glitter.

Atom, a green multichrome holographic changing to red and purple.

My favorites are Myon, Graviton, Baryon and Atom.

Do you like it? What are your favorites? :)

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  1. Was für eine tolle Kollektion, vor allem für Holo-Liebhaber :D

    Mein Favorit ist ganz klar "Positron" *_*


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